”We are loyal, reliable and present. A friend who encourages physical activity for the dog and the dog owner.”

All of our brands focus on promoting the physical well-being of dogs. We want to offer quality products and services to our dog friends. Our mission is to solve movement and mobility related problems of dogs . Our expertise has been created through long experience and specialization in dog physiotherapy.

Our values

Helpfulness, honesty, and authenticity are evident in all of our encounters.

Presence is listening with a sensitive ear, which helps us achieve a common customer-oriented goal in everything we do.

Reliability is the bone of our development. Our customers around the world can rely on sustainable and high-quality products made in Finland as well as expert service.

Our brands

Koirakuntosali – promote physical activity!

Koirakuntosali promotes and maintains the dog’s well-being. Individual and rehabilitative therapy includes physiotherapy, massage, laser therapy and water exercise.

Taituki – orthopedic braces for rehabilitation!

Taituki products improve the natural movement of the dog. Joint supports are suitable for short and long-term use. All Taituki products are manufactured in Finland.

Hunsvottila –
fun things to do together!

Hunsvottila Dog Park activates and entertains dog families and groups.

Our cosy interiors can be rented for meetings and events.