“The best part of our team is that it's united by love for animals and it shows in everything every day!”

The name Taituki comes from Finnish words “taittuva tuki” which means folding support. The special design of the hinge allows the dog to move along the movement. It allows natural movement, but supports the dog’s foot, giving optimal support. When the dog steps correctly, the muscle condition improves and the muscles become stronger.

”I started doing massage and physical therapy for dogs in 1995. After working for a few years, I often encountered a problem with rehabilitation: dogs needed joint supports to be able to move around so that the injuries would also heal.

Taituki is the result of long product development and planning by animal Physiotherapist Kirsi Piispanen, who specializes in dog movement. The development has required years of different tests and studies on the dog’s trajectories.

”As a dog person, developing the product seemed personally so important that I stayed up for many nights thinking about different solutions.

The materials we use are of the best quality so that they are durable and washable. The outer fabric is Cordura, also used by the Finnish army, and the braces are sanded by hand. It has been important for us to maintain product manufacturing in Finland, so that product development is smooth and the quality remains high.

”Now Taituki is also sold abroad. We have a great Finnish product that we can be proud of!

We are especially proud of our enthusiastic and very animal-loving team. We want to learn and try new things every day.

”However, for us, the best reward is a rehabilitative dog that moves briskly and wiggles its tail!