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The dog’s knee joint is a slightly hooked strong joint supported by ligaments. Knee support prevents soreness and swelling of the knee joint. The support facilitates the movement of the joint, thus strengthening the muscles of the foot. The knee brace, due to its precise design and shape, fits well in the dog’s foot.

The most common knee injury for a dog is an anterior cruciate ligament rupture. The ailment usually begins with an occasional slight limp, which suddenly worsens when the anterior cruciate ligament ruptures in sudden motion. The ailment can also start as a sudden strong limp and the dog will avoid putting weight on a sore leg. Sitting in a normal position can also be difficult. Especially in smaller dogs, there is dislocation of the kneecap (patella luxation). The symptom appears as a leaping step in the dog, especially in the trot. In these cases, we recommend the use of a knee brace. The supported leg is less painful and allows movement.

Many times when the dog’s cruciate ligament is torn, the leg has to be operated. The support to be used before and after the operation. The support makes it easier for the dog to recover.

Use support on the dog until the leg has healed so well that the dog moves without support in a strong-looking manner. The period of use is about 2-3 months for injuries and post-operative care. If necessary, the support can be used for the whole dog’s lifetime. If necessary, you can also consult a veterinarian for the use of the support.

  • pain in the knee
  • rehabilitation of cruciate ligaments
  • dislocation of the kneecap
  • aftercare for knee operations
  • knee osteoarthritis

The fabric used in the support is durable, padded and flexible. A genuine Velcro tape is used for the velcro attachment of the support.

SizeExample breeds
XXSitalian greyhound, dwarf pinscher, cats, dwarf poodle, mittelspitz, dwarf terrier, japanese chin, butterfly dog, havana dog, bichon frise, yorkshire terrier
XSkleinspitz, pug, corgi, australian terrier
Sshetland sheepdog, finnish spitz, whippet, collie, lagotto, novascotia retriever, finnish lapphound, cocker spaniel, spanish water dog
Mbullmastiff, chow chow, amstaff, boxer, golden retriever, labrador, samoyed, border collie

german shepherd, malamute, mastiff, german stander Large structured: golden retriever, labrador retriever

You can also place an order for additional information about the dog’s breed, dimensions and possible diagnosis, we will select the support based on the information as appropriate as possible. See the size selection page for more detailed measurement instructions. 

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  1. N

    Fast delivery, support works just fine and as described with a dwarf poodle suffering from patellar luxation while waiting for surgery.

  2. H

    Great product and excellent quick delivery. Thank you.

  3. A

    The knee support is high quality and functional and the dog got used to it quickly. Delivery was really fast and additional questions were also answered promptly.

  4. L

    I bought the support for an old French bulldog that broke its cross-connection on its left leg. Due to old age, it was decided not to do an operation for the dog. That’s why we ordered a knee brace for the dog, which we are now training to use. The dog gets used to the support pretty quickly and the support seems to help the knee stay in a better position.