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Taituki Original Knee Brace for Dogs with ACL tear, arthritis, or collateral ligament tear.

  • Taituki Dog Knee Support is a soft brace with an advanced design that activates the muscles around the knee and offers support when the dog stands or walks. The support is primarily used outdoors but can also be worn It can be worn before and after a knee surgery, with partial tears of ligaments and in conservative treatment.
  • Our knee support is ideal for the rehabilitation of cruciate ligament injuries (ACL), other knee injuries and osteoarthritis. It is usually used for two to three months, until the affected leg has regained strength and the dog can walk better. The knee brace activates the muscles around the knee and gives the dog the confidence to move. The knee support is fastened with Velcro straps above and below the knee and around the waist.
  • Patellar dislocation is quite common in small and medium-sized dogs. The knee support helps the patella to stay in place better, enabling the dog to use the affected leg in a more normal manner.
  • Sometimes a surgery is not an option for an injured knee. In such cases, a knee support will make the dog more comfortable and speed up If a knee surgery is imminent, it is a good idea to have the dog wear the knee support while waiting for surgery. Using the knee brace should continue immediately after surgery or once the wound has healed enough for the wound dressing to be removed.
  • The brace consists of more than 15 different materials, making it a perfect solution for an effective healing process while providing the best possible comfort for the dog.
  • As the fabric warms up and is slightly stretched, it adapts to the shape of the dog’s knee.


To select a size:

Measure your foot with a sewing gauge while the dog is standing. Sometimes measuring is difficult if the dog is trying to sit or is very hairy. Write down your order details such as dog height, weight, breed, etc. so we can make sure the dimensions sound right. In the M-size knees, we have two models, one for sporty fit dogs and the other for a slightly narrower, older dog model. You can also always replace the support if it is not the right size. If your dog’s dimensions seem to fit two different sizes, choose a smaller one. The fabric adapts to the dog’s foot as it warms up and is slightly stretched.

Vy = waist circumference, thigh = foot circumference above the knee, tibia = foot circumference below the knee.

XXS support: Length 30-50 cm, thigh 12-21 cm, lower leg 7-13 cm

XS support: Length 35-55 cm, thigh 17-27 cm, lower leg 10-16 cm

S-support: Waist 40-60 cm, thigh 24-32 cm, lower leg 12-17 cm

M-support: Vy 52-75 cm, thigh 29-36 cm, lower leg 16-20 cm

L-support: Vy 65-85 cm, thigh 35-45 cm, lower leg 20-28 cm

XL support belt 70-90cm, thigh 45-55cm, lower leg 28-38cm

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Cruciate injury, recovery from knee operations.

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4 reviews for Knee Support

  1. Lena

    I bought the support for an old French bulldog that broke its cross-connection on its left leg. Due to old age, it was decided not to do an operation for the dog. That’s why we ordered a knee brace for the dog, which we are now training to use. The dog gets used to the support pretty quickly and the support seems to help the knee stay in a better position.

  2. Abbie

    The knee support is high quality and functional and the dog got used to it quickly. Delivery was really fast and additional questions were also answered promptly.

  3. Hannah

    Great product and excellent quick delivery. Thank you.

  4. Nina

    Fast delivery, support works just fine and as described with a dwarf poodle suffering from patellar luxation while waiting for surgery.

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