Taituki Story

Taituki founder Kirsi Piispanen tells:

I started doing dog massages and dog physiotherapy in 1995. About ten years ago, I started to notice a common problem in physiotherapy: there was a need for dog joint supports, that allow dogs to move in a way that would help the injuries to heal.

I was looking for supports where joint trajectory was thought through but there was none. Thus, I decided to design one. I started to study dogs’ movements in different step paces. I studied about 200 different dogs and started designing with that information. The name Taituki comes from Finnish words “taittuva tuki” which means folding support.

Taituki manufacturing started as individual supports. Eventually demand grew larger, and we started to invest more to development and manufacturing.

Countless nights I have stayed awake thinking how to make these supports: how to define the sizes for different dogs, how much the support can move and which materials to use for the best durability. As a dog person, making this product felt personally important and if some dog didn’t get better even if using support, I felt bad.

Tens and tens of models have been tested, and we have been making many little adjustments to make supports even better. Only by testing we have been able to figure out what shapes and materials give the best support and durability after months of usage.

All materials are the best on the market: fabric (the same as Finnish military uses), customized washers, extra-strong thread. We also grind metal parts and assemble support by hand to make sure that everything works as it should.

Now years older and more experienced mind has changed: we are happy that support works well, and we will continue development all the time. We have skilled and excited team which give their best effort. We value your feedback greatly and as we know every dog is unique so if needed, we can also make support customized for your dog.

Thank you and be in touch!