Taituki products

The Taituki product family consists of wrist, hock and knee braces. Customized orthoses are also available.


A model that lets your dog move comfortably, close to the physiological movement of a joint. This front leg brace is used for tendon and ligament problems and to support loose carpal joints. 

If your dog has a collateral ligament injury or carpal tendon injury, dog wrist support is the right brace to use. It is important to use the brace 2-3 weeks in minor injuries (little swelling, but leg is the normal position). If the dog has laxity in carpal joint, that can be caused by a carpal ligament injury. In these cases brace in recommended for 2-3 months.   

Chronic problems occur sometimes after serious accidents. In those situations carpal joint is loosened and goes down even when standing.  With the brace dog can manage to live almost normally many years. 

Some breeds have a higher risk for loose tendons, for example collie, shetland shephard dog and chow-chow.  In those cases you can notice, that wrists are going a little bit down every year, until the dog starts to feel uncomfortable to walk and maybe starts limping. When you get the braces to your dog, you can slowly start taking a bit longer walks and notice that the dog wants to walk more and longer walks than before. 

Lots of satisfied owners have been using Taituki Wrist -supports for many years for their dogs.


Allows the dog to bend and extend the hock but prevents overextension and turning sideways. Used mostly for tarsal bone ligament injuries and overextension problems with dogs that have straight hind legs.

Taituki Achilles Tendon Support

Achilles tendon

If the dog suffers from a tear of luxation of the superficial digital flexor tendon or any other parts of the Achilles tendon, this support offers great help. It prevents the hock from bending sideways or flexing too much down.   A strained tendon normally heals within two to three moths. Superficial digital flexor tendon luxation usually requires surgery, and Taituki can be used both before and after surgery.

Knee support

A soft and well-designed support that activates the muscles around the knee. It gives support when the dog walks and runs. The support is only used outdoors and can be taken off when the dog is indoors. Can be used before and after knee surgery or with partial tears of ligaments.

Measuring guidelines

Measure the leg with a measuring tape. The breeds listed as examples next to the products are indicative.

Feel free to contact us by phone or via email if you cannot find a proper size for your dog. You may also send us pictures of your dog’s leg if you have any questions concerning the right size or model.

We also offer affordable maintenance services for our product