Taituki akillesjännetuki auttaa koiran akillesvammoissa. Niveltuki tukee koiran akillesjännettä

Achilles tendon orthotic brace

  • Achilles tendon sprain or rupture 
  • Rehabilitation after Achilles tendon surgery 
  • Chronic stretching of the Achilles tendon 
  • For calf muscle injuries

The purpose of our Achilles tendon brace

The achilles tendon of a dog is situated in the hind leg at the hock, similar to its location in humans. Just as in humans, injuries to dogs ́ Achilles tendon are painful and recover slowly. The Achilles consists of three robust muscle tendons: biceps femoris, semitendinosus and gastrocnemius. Above the Achilles tendon lies the tendon of flexor phalanx superficialis. These tendon structures are crucial for maintaining the stability of tarsus (hock) and providing power to hind leg movements. When the Achilles tendon experiences strain or a partial tear, the tarsus can lower than in a healthy leg. 

When our Achilles tendon brace is needed

An Achilles tendon orthotic brace is designed for rehabilitating Achilles tendon injuries and providing support for chronically strained hock. Injuries like these are especially prone to occur in slippery conditions. The brace prevents excessive bending of the hock and assists in maintaining the leg’s proper position. Even a slight adjustment in leg positioning can lead to improved posture and more comfortable movement for the dog.

Usage time of our Achilles tendon brace

Use the brace on the dog until the leg has healed sufficiently, and the dog moves confidently without the brace. The typical usage duration is about 2-3 months. The brace can be used throughout the dog’s lifetime. If needed, you can also consult a veterinarian regarding the usage of the brace.

Putting on the brace

Gently put the brace on the dog’s leg. The size label should be on the backside of the brace, and the metal pieces should go on on the sides. Fasten the brace using the Velcro straps. After a few minutes, you can ensure that the orthotic brace is at an appropriate tightness.

Washing the brace

If needed, hand wash with a mild laundry detergent or diluted dish soap. Wiping and removing fur, for instance from Velcro, is often sufficient when necessary. It’s advisable to remove the brace for swimming.

Materials used

Frictionless and lightweight inner lining

Strong neoprene reinforcement warms up and conforms to the shape of the dog’s leg. Thanks to the soft lining, the brace is suitable for postoperative use.

Shaped metal reinforcements

The orthotic brace maintains its shape due to the bent metal part, providing enough space for the joint. Biomechanically designed range of motion provides the correct joint angle for different situations.

Durable outer layer

Made from highly durable Cordura material.

Professional help for choosing the orthotic brace

Helps your dog to recovery

Taituki is suitable for use before and after surgery to accelerate healing

Long-term support

Taituki is suitable for long-term use. Orthotic support activates muscles and gives confidence for movement

Professional service

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"I'm thankful for the joint brace. It fits perfectly and helps when walking outdoors. It has helped me to continue my favorite activities. What a great invention!"
Taituki testimonial
7 yr -Pyrenean shepherd dog
"I have been wearing Taituki wrist braces for about a year now. With the Taituki joint support, I'm able to go on long walks in the woods and my wrists are considerably more stable now."
12 v - Labrador retriever
"I have wrist overextension. With the help of the joint brace, I have been able to cutoff almost all the medication and the joint brace does not bother me at all."
Taituki testimonial
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