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Knee Support

  • Knee pain
  • Rehabilitation of cruciate ligaments
  • Dislocation of the kneecap
  • Aftercare for knee operations
  • Knee osteoarthritis

Purpose of our knee support


The dog’s knee joint is a slightly hooked strong joint supported by ligaments. Knee support prevents soreness and swelling of the knee joint. The support facilitates the movement of the joint, thus strengthening the muscles of the foot. The knee brace, due to its precise design and shape, fits well in the dog’s foot.


When our knee brace is needed


A dog’s knee joint may rupture or strain, for example, due to slippage. The dog can show symptoms by avoiding the sore leg, allowing the dog to move three-leggedly. Many times the symptom can be mild and limping is hardly even noticeable. Especially in smaller dogs, there is a dislocation of the kneecap (patella luxation) when the patella slips out of place. In these cases, we recommend the use of a knee brace. The supported leg is less painful and allows movement.

We also recommend knee support before and after surgery. Many times the dog’s cruciate ligaments are torn and the leg has to be operated, allowing the support to be used before and after the operation. The support makes it easier for the dog to recover. In osteoarthritis patients, the knee brace prevents further wearing and reduces pain. If you suspect that your dog is limping, you can contact our clinic.


Usage time of our knee support


Use support on the dog until the leg has healed so well that the dog moves without support in a strong-looking manner. The period of use is about 2-3 months for injuries and post-operative care. If necessary, the support can be used for the dog’s whole lifetime. If necessary, you can also consult a veterinarian for the use of the support.


Putting on the brace


Carefully put the support on the dog’s leg. There’s a sock on the support that you can slip your foot through. The sock will provide extra support if needed. First, fasten the waistband and then firmly fasten the Velcros near knee. In a few minutes, you can make sure that the support is with the appropriate tightness. The support will shape by the foot with time.

Care instructions for support

The support can be fine washed in a wash bag or by hand with a mild detergent. Often for cleaning, it is enough to wipe or remove the hair from the Velcro. It is advisable to remove the support while swimming.

Materials used

The fabric used in the support is durable, padded and flexible. A genuine Velcro is used for the velcro attachment of the support.

Professional help for choosing the right support

Helps your dog to recovery

Taituki is suitable for use before and after surgery to accelerate healing

Long-term support

Taituki is suitable for long-term use. Support activates muscles and gives confidence for movement

"I'm thankful for the joint brace. It fits perfectly and helps when walking outdoors. It has helped me to continue my favorite activities. What a great invention!"
Taituki testimonial
7 yr -Pyrenean shepherd dog
"I have been wearing Taituki wrist braces for about a year now. With the Taituki joint support, I'm able to go on long walks in the woods and my wrists are considerably more stable now."
12 v - Labrador retriever
"I have wrist overextension. With the help of the joint brace, I have been able to cutoff almost all the medication and the joint brace does not bother me at all."
Taituki testimonial
9 v - Landseer