Taituki olkaniveltuki tukee koiran olkaniveltä

Shoulder joint support

  • For biceps tendon injuries 
  • For shoulder ligament injuries 
  • For postoperative care after surgery 
  • For supporting a loose shoulder joint

The purpose of our shoulder joint support


A shoulder joint support is employed to alleviate shoulder discomfort in the front legs and aid in its rehabilitation. The neoprene reinforcement of the shoulder joint support adapts to the shape of the dog’s leg and bears a portion of the weight that would otherwise impact tendons and ligaments. With the support, stepping, turning, and moving the sore leg becomes more secure and less painful compared to doing so without support.


When our shoulder joint support is needed


Smaller dogs tend to exhibit symptoms of shoulder instability more frequently than larger breeds. Dogs experiencing shoulder pain might display it through limping or refraining from using it altogether. This shoulder joint support is applicable for all instances of shoulder tendon and ligament pain, as well as dislocated shoulders. 


Usage time of our shoulder joint support


Introduce the support to the dog for approximately 2 months. If it stays in place well, there’s no need to remove it between walks. Walk the dog slowly, allowing it to cautiously step with the supported leg. Muscles generally begin to gradually strengthen, and pain starts to alleviate. Sometimes the dog might require pain medication in the initial stages of treatment. After a couple of months, you can start reducing the support usage and eventually discontinue it altogether. If the joint is only mildly painful, a shorter treatment period might also suffice.


Putting on the shoulder joint support


The support is easy to put on using two Velcro straps. First, put the support around the leg above the elbow. Then, loop the second Velcro strap over the neck and fasten it to the corresponding part.

Washing the shoulder joint support


If needed, hand wash with a mild laundry detergent or diluted dish soap. Wiping and removing fur, for instance from Velcro, is often sufficient when necessary. It’s advisable to remove the support for swimming.




The support features soft and adaptable neoprene. The Velcro straps are made of genuine Velcro material.

Professional help for choosing the right support

Helps your dog to recovery

Taituki is suitable for use before and after surgery to accelerate healing

Long-term support

Taituki is suitable for long-term use. Support activates muscles and gives confidence for movement

"I'm thankful for the joint brace. It fits perfectly and helps when walking outdoors. It has helped me to continue my favorite activities. What a great invention!"
Taituki testimonial
7 yr -Pyrenean shepherd dog
"I have been wearing Taituki wrist braces for about a year now. With the Taituki joint support, I'm able to go on long walks in the woods and my wrists are considerably more stable now."
12 v - Labrador retriever
"I have wrist overextension. With the help of the joint brace, I have been able to cutoff almost all the medication and the joint brace does not bother me at all."
Taituki testimonial
9 v - Landseer