What is Taituki?

What is Taituki?

Taituki is a group of joint support products, all handcrafted in Finland.

Taituki is created to support dogs with joint problems, without blocking the regular flexion and extension of the limb. The products are designed to assist the rehabilitation process in various types of joint problems and ligament strains in dogs. These orthoses are user-friendly and durable and allow the limb to move normally even when firm support is needed.

The idea behind the mechanism of the Taituki orthosis (our main product) is to allow the joint to only bend to a predetermined angle. This angle provides the required support for the joint while allowing it to flex and extend normally but preventing sideways twisting, excessive flexion and hyperextension of the joint.

Taituki provides your dog’s joints with favorable conditions to heal properly, while the dog’s muscles and ligaments still maintain their natural and optimal functioning.

Using the orthosis

The orthosis is light-weight, and the dog usually adjusts to wearing it easily. The dog can wear the orthosis throughout the day and night or only while being walked or otherwise exercised, depending on the injury. The self-adhesive straps can be opened if skin care under the support is required. Taituki is also highly suitable for the rehabilitation of dogs active in dog sports.

If the dog has sustained an operational wound under the support, the wound should be checked several times per day to ensure proper healing.

Benefits of using Taituki

Taituki benefits compared to casts and support bandages etc.

  • Supports the leg without restricting the limb’s normal movement
  • Light and discreet in use
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Stays in place
  • Durable and washable
  • Also allows more rigorous exercise or sports
  • The dog being able to move normally prevents atrophy of the limb’s anatomical structures and provides optimal conditions for the joints to heal
  • Using Taituki in the treatment of joint injuries supports natural functioning of muscles and ligaments
  • The extensive range of size options caters to the needs of dogs of all sizes

Taituki in the treatment of joints

Taituki provides a solution for the rehabilitation or prevention of most joint problems.

Joint problems in dogs may be caused by structural issues or result from an injury. Joint looseness caused by structural weakness can often be seen in the dog’s wrists. If the joint is in an incorrect position for a prolonged period of time, the ligaments will stretch and osteoarthritis may develop in the leg.

To ensure the best possible rehabilitation, it is important to maintain dog’s normal ability to move. That way we can prevent muscles and ligaments from atrophy. With Taituki, the dog can continue to move naturally and use muscles actively.

Taituki support
Taituki support