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When should my dog wear an orthosis?

Structural looseness of the dog’s joints, osteoarthritis, or recovering from a surgery are situations in which a Taituki orthosis makes the dog more comfortable and helps with healing. Dogs may slip on icy roads in the winter or on wet grass after the rain in the summer, and these incidents may result in strains and tears in dogs of any size, but in larger breeds, in particular.

Our products are also suitable for dogs who exercise regularly or are active in dog sports. Owners can rest assured that exercising and training for their favorite sport does not need to be completely discontinued when the dog’s injured leg is supported with an orthosis.

In minor ligament or tendon strains, the orthosis is usually worn for 4-8 weeks. The use of the orthosis can be discontinued when the joint is free of pain, swelling and heat and the dog no longer favors the injured leg. In the case of chronically stretched ligaments, the dog should wear the orthosis on longer walks and when the conditions are slippery, for example.

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